Stafford Savings Bank Online Banking Login

Founded in 1872, Stafford Savings Bank is spread across the towns of Ashford, Stafford, Somers, Ellington, Union, Willington, and Tolland. It aims to meet the financial needs of its customers with a variety of financial services and products for its clientele.

The Stafford Savings Bank is one of the banks that offer online banking services to its customers. It offers a platform on which customers can access their bank accounts as long as they enroll for the service. With the growth of the internet, this technology has changed how people live their lives. It is with this that online banking has come to play a huge role in terms of how customers interact with their bank account. They can now manage their account through their mobile phones and other devices, thanks to the internet.

How to login

It is a mandatory process that every user has to go through every time they want to access their bank account online. It is however short and simple to learn. For a new user, they might find it difficult, at first, to hack as they are not used to it. The following procedure will help you to quickly access your bank account online:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Enter your username and then login

You will have to follow the procedures to verify your account with a security code before you can enter your password and access your bank account.

How to reset your password if forgotten

It is simple to forget your login details. It may not happen to you at first but along the way logging in and out of your account, you may end up forgetting either your password. To resolve this situation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the reset password phrase.

Step 2: Enter your username, social security number, and account number and then continue.

How to enroll

The goal is to ensure that your account can be accessed online. As a customer or account holder, you need to take the necessary steps in order to enroll for your bank account for online access. Use the steps below to do that:

Step 1: Click the sign up space.

Step 2: Enter your social security number, name details, and other personal details, read and agree to the terms of the agreement and then submit.

How to manage your bank account online

You can get a lot from having access to your bank account online. To start with, you will be able to access it without limit. Also, you will be able to pay bills whenever you want or when they are. It helps you to manage your account effectively while having access to all of your bank details.

Holiday Schedule for 2018 & 2019

These are the federal holidays of which the Federal Reserve Bank is closed.
Stafford Savings Bank and other financial institutes are closed on the same holidays.

Holiday 2018 2019
New Year's Day January 1 January 1
Martin Luther King Day January 15 January 21
Presidents Day February 19 February 18
Memorial Day May 28 May 27
Independence Day July 4 July 4
Labor Day September 3 September 2
Columbus Day October 8 October 14
Veterans Day November 12 November 11
Thanksgiving Day November 22 November 28
Christmas Day December 25 December 25

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